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Oggl Retro Photography Sharing App and Service Updated With A Little From Everyone

Oggl, heard of it? It is one of the iPhone photos sharing service, that seems to have people that don’t know about it or people that use it. Few are between those two extremes.
The photo sharing service comes from the same folks that did Hipstamatic. Rather than just a few filters, Oggl gives the user access to the film and lenses that are available through the retro photography app Hipstamatic. Where Hipstamatic locks the image to the lens/film selected through the app when snapping the photo, Oggl offers the changing of those ‘filters’ to find the look the user was hoping for. Then, share it out to the world of Oggl users. There is a yearly subscription upgrade available.
The original Oggl had a unique workflow and limits on photos, outside of the changing filters after the shot. Now though, the service allows the importing of photos from the iPhone photo library, which is frowned on by the loyal users. Also, the UX has changed this week to be a more Flipboard News Reader type of feel. Will those changes chase away current users or add more new users?
01 oggl update
The updated Oggl seems to be less about grouping of photos by the Oggl team around their challenges and lens/films used and more about groups created by users. These aren’t groups that people join, rather the grouping of photos for viewing under a few quick pick rule sets.
02 oggl update
A nice addition in this Oggl update is a quick reference indicator showing how many likes and re-shares has occurred to photos uploaded by the account holder. Tapping each photo uploaded will show the quantity of likes, re-shares and who did each.
03 oggl update
04 oggl update
When a photo is being taken, the current (or last used) film/lens combo impact will be shown for a second then return to the unfiltered view. Choose one of the pre-built, custom combo or saved combo to see the impact again prior to snapping the shot.
05 oggl update
Just sweep through the Oggl lenses and film options to see each one’s effect on the photo, save or discard. If a combo is used more often, they can be saved as a quick access. Also, when viewing photos posted by others, the combo they used can be added to the quick access options.
06 oggle update

Multi Image Photography on the iPhone using the updated Hipstamatic camera app

Oh, here I am with Hipstamatic again. I hope you saw the Rock The Vote contest I just posted. In that same update was a big win for me via the ability to take multi image photographs. The feature is a 99 cent in-app purchase upgrade, which is the price of some stand alone apps. I’m happier to have fewer apps and more features so if the feature works well it could mean the clearing of a few other multi shot photo apps.

When the feature is installed, a new slider appears on the Hipstamatic camera in the upper left corner. When it is to the right, the camera works as it normally does. Slide it to the right to ‘disengage’ the film advance function.

When your Hipstamatic camera is in multi shot state, the slider shows the overlapping image icon in yellow. Just snap the first photo like you would normally.

The Multi Exposure slider moves across a bit to show that you are about to take a second shot over the first. If you did this double exposure by accident, you can slide it to ‘advance’ the film to a new image. I took a few shots around the house and the results where nice. I will update this post after I have spent the day around town shooting a few real life multi exposure shots. Like any Hipstamatic photography, the usability of the photo has a lot to do with the film/lens and subject combination.

Also in this update, the flash slider has grown a bit. This allows for the choice of flash styles depending on if you move it left or right.

Grab your iPhone and shoot some photos for your W Magazine contest entry

Last week I grabbed the latest film/lens pack for my Hipstamatic iPhone photography app. The Pak is free right now, through the end of this month. As usual, just launch the Hipstamatic app, tap the ‘cart’ icon and you should see the pack to download to start shooting right away.

The W Mag Pak includes a nice ‘Magazine Photographer’ camera case… which doesn’t change the iPhone Camera action but maybe helps a person get into the fun of being a magazine photographer. Included in the Pak is the W40 Film and Wonder Lens, but no new Flash.

The resulting photos from the W Magazine Pak are right in line with one of my favorite photography retro look and feel.

Oh yes, the opportunity to have your iPhone photography creative work appear with the W Magazine! From the folks at Hipstamatic:

“Snap some fashion-forward photos and enter our contest for a chance to have your work showcased at a month-long, W-curated exhibition at the Ace Hotel in New York City! W Magazine will even select one overall winner to shoot a photo story for wmagazine.com. Learn more about the contest here.”


iPhone Hipstamatic fans… Latest version of Hipstamatic Snap Magazine for the iPad is available

Over a month ago, the folks that developed the Hipstamatic iPhone Camera app produced ‘Snap‘. An electronic magazine of photos and stories of very creative Hipstamatic using photographers. Sadly, the Newsstand on the iPhone doesn’t seem to find it to load, so the FREE magazine Snap is for the iPad only.

Each issue has many photos taken using the Hipstamatic app using the many films, filters and flashes available. The photos can be touched for more information regarding which of the many options was used to get the image as it appears in the magazine pages. There is also stories about photographers and their lives. Any subject can and is being covered so some coworkers may take offense, you may want view away from the crowds prior to doing flipping the pages in a crowd. That said, the photography is amazing. Snap does a great job of showing what can be done using the different options in Hipstamatic.

Hipstamatic camera for the iPhone, on sale for Holiday weekend 50% off

Fence sitters for the retro camera Hipstamatic app, it’s a pretty good time to jump in. Regular readers know I have covered the app through all of it’s updates and many of it’s film / lens pack additions. Today, the developers announced that they are offering the app for 50% off now through the holiday weekend. All of the basic included lens and films are included, ready for some fun photo shooting while your out and about.

Also, for the holiday weekend is the return of all of the previous packs that have come and gone. Many of the holiday packs appear for a few months then go away. If you didn’t grab the effects, it was no longer possible to buy them. Non of the packs seems to be discounted like the actual Hipstamatic app is this weekend, but it’s nice to have back a few that I had been slow to grab and didn’t in-app purchase. Now, off to mix and match while doing the faire this weekend.