25 Mar

Quick High Resolution HDR With Editing Through Lightroom Mobile

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Adobe has updated their Lightroom Mobile app with a few features that will be improving my workflow: Authentic HDR taking through the app Exporting original raw images to camera roll Improved rating for images Improved cloud syng The addition of HDR photography to the app has the customization tuning that I would expect from a […]

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05 Oct

Multi Image Photography on the iPhone using the updated Hipstamatic camera app

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Oh, here I am with Hipstamatic again. I hope you saw the Rock The Vote contest I just posted. In that same update was a big win for me via the ability to take multi image photographs. The feature is a 99 cent in-app purchase upgrade, which is the price of some stand alone apps. […]

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11 Apr

Creating fun moving GIFs on the iPhone is back with the free Jittergram

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“Oh, that is so fun, how did you do that?” Years ago, everyone knew about moving GIFs. At the time, they either had to be tiny because of sending them to people or they were annoying because people used them all over Web sites. Then came photo sharing and high resolution video via our iPhones. […]

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07 Apr

InFrame Foto – the iPhone multi photo framed image builder – with enhancements

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I know, I know… another iPhone app that lets you put multiple photos into individual boxes on a big frame that you can then create a single image from. True, InFrame Foto is that, but it offers just enough extra included features that I thought it was worth a mention. That, and it’s today’s Free […]

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05 Apr

Create and Share moving GIFS on the iPhone – easy as 1, 2, 3, now with 2.5 option!

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There has been a few moving GIF apps for the iPhone. I have played with them but pushed them aside as they required the result be shared via their site or they put their logo on the end product. This morning I found Gifmator which is proving to be a bit of fun! The app […]

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30 Jan

The Science of Taking Low Light Photos with the iPhone

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there are mixed opinions on if the latest iPhones are better in low light than previous models. The higher resolution, faster action and more capabilities to focus has gotten us to notice when our images are less than perfect. So, whether it’s a iPhone 3 or iPhone 4, photos taken in low light appear grainy […]

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10 Nov

Multiple iPhone Photos used to create a single image

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A fun app I have been using was just updated yesterday, I thought it was worth a quick mention. Diptic is a universal app (buy once, use it on both your iPhone and iPad) that provides many templates of multi image boxes. You choose one, then tap each box to insert an image from your […]

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