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Hipstamatic camera for the iPhone, on sale for Holiday weekend 50% off

Fence sitters for the retro camera Hipstamatic app, it’s a pretty good time to jump in. Regular readers know I have covered the app through all of it’s updates and many of it’s film / lens pack additions. Today, the developers announced that they are offering the app for 50% off now through the holiday weekend. All of the basic included lens and films are included, ready for some fun photo shooting while your out and about.

Also, for the holiday weekend is the return of all of the previous packs that have come and gone. Many of the holiday packs appear for a few months then go away. If you didn’t grab the effects, it was no longer possible to buy them. Non of the packs seems to be discounted like the actual Hipstamatic app is this weekend, but it’s nice to have back a few that I had been slow to grab and didn’t in-app purchase. Now, off to mix and match while doing the faire this weekend.