26 Dec

Oggl Retro Photography Sharing App and Service Updated With A Little From Everyone

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Oggl, heard of it? It is one of the iPhone photos sharing service, that seems to have people that don’t know about it or people that use it. Few are between those two extremes. The photo sharing service comes from the same folks that did Hipstamatic. Rather than just a few filters, Oggl gives the […]

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02 Sep

Buenos Aires Square Format Photos Like My Instant Film Camera Takes

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When out at the Antique Malls, there is almost always someone offering little square photos. They are fun to browse through, handy if you don’t have any family history, build your own for a couple bucks. Interesting that many of the small square photos are actually from early Polaroid cameras. Before the iconic SX-70 and […]

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04 Jul

iPhone Camera Hipstamatic app updated with new Portrait Pak – also Free lens and film

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A iPhone camera app Hipstamatic update means it’s time to get out and shoot with new photography effects. The app isn’t a filter post shooting app, everything is set up prior to snapping a photo. The update to Hipstamatic takes it to version 255. The lens ‘Jane’ and the film Ina’s 1982 are now included […]

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22 May

Finally a Fish Eye lens for my iPhone that I can actually use!

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Watch out… the tunnel walk ways, bridges, old buildings and dense forests will never been the same. At lease, not the same through the eye of my iPhone camera. I have gone through fish eye options both software and physical hardware. There is some acceptable software available and that is what I have had to […]

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11 Feb

Free Hipstamatic Americana Lens and Case for Fashion Week

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Now, through the 16th of February, in honor of Fashion Week, Hipstamatic is offering a free pack of the Americana Lens and Case. After the 16th, the pack will be an extra charge through in-app purchase. For Hipstamatic fans… which I wasn’t till I started playing with lens/film combos and found a few set ups […]

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