04 Apr

Fujifilm now offering wireless pocket instant printer for iPhone

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I covered the little wireless printer from LG that I have been carrying (LG Introduces An iPhone Bluetooth Version Of The Polaroid ZINK Pocket Printer). It has proven to work nicely, with the ZINK paper creating nearly indestructible long life ‘little’ prints that have proven nice to share or review how the printed photo will […]

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24 Dec

iPhone Photographer Magazine To Read On The iPhone

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For the Digital and Film photographers that are fans of the Leica Camera, I mentioned earlier a specialty iPhone magazine of short articles and photo galleries, LFI (Leica Photo Magazine Comes To The iPhone). For the iPhone Camera user, there is now FLTR, a weekly publication.  The second issue of FLTR came out today, and […]

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09 Dec

Instagram Pics Become Contact Cards And Party Invites

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When photos on Instagram escape, they become fridge magnets, wall size frame pictures, photo books, stickers and even calendars. Printstagram is adding Business Cards to that list. Using the free PrintStudio app, choose one or several photos from your Instagram, add text to the back side and they will print the batch for you. While […]

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03 Dec

So You Want To Start A Magazine With Your iPhone Photos

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For a fun view of creative minds at work, I sometimes visit behance.net . There, anyone can post their creative work for others to see and comment on. It can help a person fine tune their ideas as well possibly lead to work coming from someone looking for the creative person’s talents. I was searching […]

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25 Nov

iPhone Photos Become Printed And Shipped Products All Using The iPhone

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I have mentioned using Zazzle before as a great way to bring my iPhone photographs into the physical world. Generally, this means photos printed to mousepads, notebooks, iPhone cases and tshirts… the usual. Most, I post up for others to buy, netting me a little unmanaged profit. Zazzle has moved the creation of the products […]

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07 Oct

iPhone Photography App Update: Camera+ for the Win!

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So, your favorite app, how did it handle the move to iOS7? Did the developers do a new UI to look more like the new flat OS? Where any features added? Did they release a new version you had to buy, just like the old version, but will be the only copy of the software […]

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06 Oct

The Fun Of Creating And Sharing Printed 6 Inch Photo Booklets With The iPhone

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The list of companies offering to print photos taken with the iPhone continues to grow. Many have different offerings to set them apart from the others. Cards, iPhone cases, TShirts, mugs, photo books, magnets and postcards. The latest, from Kindred, is a print and mail service for a booklet of a dozen photos. The images […]

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14 Sep

iPhone Photographers Print Without The Need Of A Computer

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After a photograph is captured with the iPhone, there are many ways to share the image with others via social share or cloud storage. While, it’s a very digital world now for photos, there is still a need to be able to print the photos too. Most people will sync their iPhone photo library to […]

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04 Sep

Creating Art With iPhone Photos Isn’t All Just Filters

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Ready for a change? A newer iPhone photo enhancement app… that ISN’T a bunch of filters. I still enjoy using filters effectively to expand on the emotion of a photo. But, this post is about the world outside of ‘enhancements’ and more about ‘art’. An app that fits the ‘art’ from iPhone photos is Deco […]

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06 Aug

Put your iPhone photos on a T-shirt… tell everyone… make money

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There are many options to have products made with your iPhone photos, a few of those options have iPhone apps to do the creative work on. A new service and free app joining the mix is Snaptee. As the name implies, the iPhone app is a tool you can use to create T-shirts with. The […]

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