12 Jan

Retro Polaroid fun comes to the iPhone with Instant

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There are many vintage filters available to add to a photo after shooting the shot. And, there are camera apps that change the way the photo is initially shot to change the experience of iPhone photography. Basically, the second one is just applying a filter to an image from the start since we aren’t really […]

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12 May

The filters and effects from many iPhone Photo editors, all available in one… Pixlr-o-matic PLUS

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There are apps that give you a variety of ‘film’ effects, like Vintage, Retro, Unicolor and Soft tones. There are other apps that provide lighting effects either through disrupting like burning and leaking light or overlaying with fireworks or Bokeh. There is an app I just started using called Pixlr-o-matic Plus that brings the many options […]

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05 May

Lomo photography on the iPhone doesn’t have to be square, Lo-Mob provides options

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When it comes to specialized apps for taking images that look like they were taken with a low end film camera, the list is long of quality and junk options. The majority of the apps take square photos and offers a few filters. That may work for posting to a few of the popular photo […]

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