08 May

Thumba photo editor for the iPhone, is less about cute filters and more about serious editing

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Thumba starts off looking a bit different from other photo editors and keeps going from there. Take a photo or import it results in a full image view and simple buttons. Thumba Photo Editor lets you grab another image, save and share, filters/effects, more information and a view of the photo before/after changes. The tools […]

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05 May

Lomo photography on the iPhone doesn’t have to be square, Lo-Mob provides options

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When it comes to specialized apps for taking images that look like they were taken with a low end film camera, the list is long of quality and junk options. The majority of the apps take square photos and offers a few filters. That may work for posting to a few of the popular photo […]

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29 Apr

Converting iPhone Photos to Sketch Art – Free for now with My Sketch

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I have had really bad luck with iPhone apps that convert photos to what looks like sketch art. So, the options and output of My Sketch was a pleasant surprise. Currently being Free is nice too! Use the app to take the picture or import from your iPhone photo library. Then crop the image to […]

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