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Thumba photo editor for the iPhone, is less about cute filters and more about serious editing

Thumba starts off looking a bit different from other photo editors and keeps going from there. Take a photo or import it results in a full image view and simple buttons. Thumba Photo Editor lets you grab another image, save and share, filters/effects, more information and a view of the photo before/after changes.

The tools are arranged differently than most photo editing tools on the iPhone. Thumba has rows to sweep through aligned in groups for: Image, Adjustments, Filters and Effects. Where most photo editing apps offer crop, borders and filters, Thumba has extended the options with more tuning in the more professional area. Pro like tools, yet still simple to use.

Depending on the tuning tool chosen, Thumba presents sliders for more customizable adjustments.

More info can be found on the image through the Thumba’s ‘i’ button. I like the adjustable resizing of the overall image. This is handy when I’m going to use the photo in a blog post vs sending to friends.

Just FYI, the full list of the tuning options from the developers:
– Crop
– Rotate
– Flip
– Borders
. Burned
. Broken
. Cherry
. Film Strip
. Grunge
. Happy
. Holga
. Light Leaks
. Old Photo
. View Finder
. Year 1944
. Year 1967
– Colored Border
– Instant Camera
– Mirror
– Aspect Ratio in Crop function

– Auto Fix
– Brightness&Contrast
– Hue&Saturation
– Local Contrast
– Exposure
– Sharpen
– Red Eyes Removal
– Black&White
– Color Balance
– Shadows & Highlight
– Colorize
– Multiply
– Posterize
– White Balance

– Color Selection
– Cross Processing
– Glow
– Gradient Blend
– Grain
– Gray Scale
– Infrared
– Lomography
– Retro
. Broken Camera
. Burned
. Dodged
. Extreme Damage
. Lovely
– Sepia
– Skin Treatment
– Soften Portrait
– Sunny Day
– Tilt Shift
– Vintage
. Eighties
. Glamour
. Schizo
. Seventies
. Vintage
. Warm Summer

– 3D Glasses
– Blur
– Invert Color
– Night Vision
– Pencil Sketch
– Solarization
– Vignette
– X-Ray
– Color Filter
– Diffuze
– Night Vision
– Silence Movie
– Stamp

Lomo photography on the iPhone doesn’t have to be square, Lo-Mob provides options

When it comes to specialized apps for taking images that look like they were taken with a low end film camera, the list is long of quality and junk options.

The majority of the apps take square photos and offers a few filters. That may work for posting to a few of the popular photo sharing services. There are many other things I like to do with my photos so when I saw the app Lo-Mob offered effects and a variety of image formats, I was happy to give it a try.

Import a photo or take one through the Lo-Mob app then scroll through the options of enhancements to use:

39 vintage and experimental photographic filters for all your pictures
Classic square vintage photography
35mm experimentation : sprocket photography
vintage 35mm slides
square Through The Viewfinder (TTV) simulation
AE-1 Through The Viewfinder
old and modern emulsions
glass contact photography
classic format instant photography + reversed + deconstructed
square, tall and wide instant photography

After choosing a filter/size, some minor tuning can be done. Lo-Mob also supports the changing of the applied effect if your not happy with the direction you chose.

Sharing is big with me so it’s nice to see all the usual social options are available.

The ‘Send to app’ is a nice feature I mentioned in HalfTone. No need to save the photo output from Lo Mob then re-open in another editor, just ‘send’ it photo directly. If you did choose a square format, post directly to Instagram too.

Converting iPhone Photos to Sketch Art – Free for now with My Sketch

I have had really bad luck with iPhone apps that convert photos to what looks like sketch art. So, the options and output of My Sketch was a pleasant surprise. Currently being Free is nice too!

Use the app to take the picture or import from your iPhone photo library. Then crop the image to be landscape or portrait… not square! The output will have different outer edge so you will find you may not get the crop exactly correct for your desired ‘sketch’. Just plan to learn a bit with each use of My Sketch.

My Sketch is a Universal app so you can play with your photos on both your iPhone and iPad with a single license.

Once you have the photo cropped as you like, My Sketch offers 20 varieties of ‘sketching’ style. Sweep through the list along the bottom of the screen to find one you like. Conversion does take a little time, but you can go back and apply a different sketch filter if you aren’t thrilled with the result.

The photo with your chosen ‘sketch’ effect applied can be tuned additionally with sliders for Contrast and Brightness.

Your finished My Sketch converted photo can be attached to an email, saved to your iPhone’s photo library or shared over the usual big name social share services. New in this version is to have your final art printed and mailed for a charge. One word of warning, double check what your clicking on as the app likes to keep pushing the option to buy their other offerings.