23 Mar

Hipstamatic Retro Pak 3 on sale this weekend only!

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After I discovered and posted about the new Silver Lake film/lens pak in Hipstamatic, I received an email saying that the whole RetroPak is on sale this weekend too. 99 cents for the full pack of 3 lenses and 6 films, purchasable through the app on your iPhone. This is the complete list of the […]

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04 Mar

Easy digital Fish Eye photography with the iPhone

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I own a variety of lens solutions for my iPhone to get a fish eye view of things around. Sometime though, I am without a lens and a shot should be best suited to have a 170 degree round impact. Most app solutions I have played with will do an acceptable job, generally though their […]

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03 Apr

In search of the 50mm lens for iPhone photography

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Some folks think of it as just looking for trouble. Whey would anyone want to limit down the ability of a full feature camera in my pocket. Well, the reason is the same as why we put the 50mm lens on our larger ‘non-smartphone’ cameras. The fun of a 50mm lens is living with a […]

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20 Mar

iPhone 8X Telephoto Lens kit from a source I didn’t expect – 15% off this week

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Shuffling through my emails this morning, there was on from Richard Solo. The company usually has a fun gadget like a new iPhone stand, speaker or remote control race car. Although the type of product will at times look like it should be ‘toyish’, everything I have purchased from Richard Solo has proven to be […]

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