28 Apr

Hipstamatic brings back Wicker Park HipstaPak – This weekend only!

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An update showed on my iPhone for Hipstamatic. Nothing special was listed. But, looking around there is a few new options and old friends are back. A HipstaPak that was pulled a while ago, has returned to buy for those folks that missed the chance before. The Pak, Wicker Park, is a lens, flash and […]

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20 Mar

iPhone 8X Telephoto Lens kit from a source I didn’t expect – 15% off this week

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Shuffling through my emails this morning, there was on from Richard Solo. The company usually has a fun gadget like a new iPhone stand, speaker or remote control race car. Although the type of product will at times look like it should be ‘toyish’, everything I have purchased from Richard Solo has proven to be […]

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