04 Jun

The classic fun of chemical processing photos brought to the iPhone

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During my early 35mm film shooting days, I shot a lot to learn about the impacts of changing camera/lens settings. Rather than having to pay a local lab to process my film, I had the chemicals and a dark closet to do the work myself. Printing the negatives onto paper required equipment beyond my budget […]

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04 Mar

Easy digital Fish Eye photography with the iPhone

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I own a variety of lens solutions for my iPhone to get a fish eye view of things around. Sometime though, I am without a lens and a shot should be best suited to have a 170 degree round impact. Most app solutions I have played with will do an acceptable job, generally though their […]

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28 Jul

iPhone effects and the manual photo creations of Ben Heine

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A few months ago, I mentioned a iPhone specialized effects app called PowerCam ( Those fun iPhone Photo Effects using PowerCam ). Real time view finder application of the filters means you get what you see when you hit the shutter button. While the app offers many effects and photo enhancements, the one I always go back to […]

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