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In search of the 50mm lens for iPhone photography

Some folks think of it as just looking for trouble. Whey would anyone want to limit down the ability of a full feature camera in my pocket. Well, the reason is the same as why we put the 50mm lens on our larger ‘non-smartphone’ cameras. The fun of a 50mm lens is living with a very narrow range of focus so we have a key item standing out. It is a both a lot of fun and very challenging when shooting on the street.

I know, there isn’t a interchangeable lens on the iPhone, what I’m thinking is a app that sets a ‘distance’ that is in focus and a pretty sharp cut off of all of the rest depth.

I thought I had found an app that was forcing a set aperture for my iPhone photography. Large Aperture Pro has a group of ‘lenses’ limits through software. After a bit of research, the app is actually for ‘after’ shooting edits and not for the initial photography step.  Large Aperture Pro does offer a nice group of lens effect settings associated with different aperture lenses that a camera could use. Also, the edge and severity of the areas outside of your focus point is adjustable to get the stand-out effect you may be looking for. A unique feature is the ability to adjust the gradual blur effect.