23 Nov

Joby iPhone stand for still photography

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I have played with a variety of grips for the iPhone in an attempt to produce better shots where the camera needs to avoid movement. The most popular ones are either cases that must stay on the iPhone or a edge mount that wont work with my iPhone since I have a thin vinyl protection […]

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12 Oct

Creating those cool Clone photos using only the iPhone

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A year ago, I was involved in a fun movie, “People in Motion“. The movie follows several very talented folks as they Parkour their way around the US. That is to say, they leap and jump their way around city obstacles while making it look so easy. When I first decided to get involved in […]

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23 Mar

Wireless remote shutter control for the iPhone

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Here is a nifty little bluetooth wireless device I saw over on PhotoJojo. It’s a small two part gadget that snaps apart to be a remove you have in your hand and a stand that activates the shutter on the iPhone’s camera. The text claims 30ft which is a pretty good distance for self shots […]

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05 Mar

New Stop Motion iPhone app from Studio Neat, creators of the Glif

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Remember the Glif? Have you ever heard of the Glif? It is a tripod mount for the iPhone that started life as a Kickstarter social funded project by a couple guys that make up Studio Neat. The design of the Glif is simple… silly simple, but works great. Generally there are two things you are […]

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04 Feb

A DIFFerent case for the serious iPhone photographer

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I’m always on the watch for a new case idea. The problem being is that I like the portability of the iPhone without a case, but like the features of many of the specialty cases. The Survivor from Griffin Technology is the case I use when I might be someplace the iPhone will get handled […]

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