Wireless remote shutter control for the iPhone

Here is a nifty little bluetooth wireless device I saw over on PhotoJojo. It’s a small two part gadget that snaps apart to be a remove you have in your hand and a stand that activates the shutter on the iPhone’s camera. The text claims 30ft which is a pretty good distance for self shots or nature photography (a bit of food near the iPhone and snap photos of the little creatures that walk up – best to you that one of them squirrels don’t grab and run with your iPhone!).

The iPhone Shutter Remote description mentions using the stand to do stop motion photography being improved since your not touching the iPhone to snap the shots. In small print though, it reads Please note that The iPhone Shutter Remote requires the free “Belkin LiveAction App” – which to me sounds like the device requires photos be taken through a particular app. Removing the ability to use the wireless remote shutter device with apps like Frames.