24 Jan

I’m Here – location text over iPhone photos for fun sharing

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Pictures posted to Instagram, Streamzoo, EyeEm… Facebook, Twittter… well, you know, social sites. Can at times have text on the photo saying things like a cute message, the location or the weather at where the photo was snapped. Looking around, I did find a fun little app that automatically adds location, city or county info […]

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04 Jul

Two color blending on iPhone photos made simple

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This is one of those apps in my catalog of tricks that is looking for the photo that ‘needs’ the effect. Not all photos on your iPhone will look great applying the Popsicolor effect to them. When the need arises, this Universal app will get your great results very quickly. Import a photo in from […]

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18 Mar

Free iPhone Retro Camera with Film – Popular Lomo Cameras on your iPhone

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I mentioned the Pudding social photo share service earlier. There is also a Pudding Camera, that seems to be a big secret. Non of my iPhone photographer friends seem to know anything about this fun little app. Pudding Camera offers a variety of ‘retro’ cameras that you may recognize by their Lomo names. Also, instead […]

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16 Mar

Full Featured iPhone Camera App – Camera Genius – on sale today only

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Recently one of my more often used ‘all-in-one’ camera apps was updated and I got plenty excited with it’s new power. Yesterday, it was mentioned to me that I may want to look at Camera Genius. The timing was right as it had just gone on sale so I thought I get the word out. […]

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