Free iPhone Retro Camera with Film – Popular Lomo Cameras on your iPhone

I mentioned the Pudding social photo share service earlier. There is also a Pudding Camera, that seems to be a big secret. Non of my iPhone photographer friends seem to know anything about this fun little app.

Pudding Camera offers a variety of ‘retro’ cameras that you may recognize by their Lomo names. Also, instead of filters, the app has ‘film’ that gives the same effect as adding a filter. Choose a pair to use and snap away.

After photos are taken, they are added to a library within the Pudding Camera app. Go to the area via the thumbnail image in the lower corner. Photos are shown in an overview of thumbnails, opening a single image gives you info about the camera/lens used to capture the photo.

Swipe up/down on the left through the Lomo ‘like’ camera and across the film area for the different Pudding Camera film filters. The window showing the result of matching the camera/film together is nice.


The resulting Pudding Camera photo can be saved to the iPhone photo library or shared on the Pudding.To, Facebook and Twitter social services. Output photos are 1280 x 960.