09 Oct

World Wide Garage Sale Shopping On The iPhone – No Travel Required With Stuffle

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Driving down the road you see the cardboard hand written sign announcing someone’s garage has stuff in it that they want to sell. You stop to find picnic and fold up tables in a driveway, covered with a mix of household items. There will be a bar or rope strung across an opening with hanging […]

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05 Jul

Postagram Update With More Text, More Photos and Free Postcards

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What to do with all of your square format iPhone photos. Print and post mail to friends is one option, except post cards are generally not square. Postagram has been offering to print and mail iPhone photo postcards for some time now. Their way of handling the square photos is to print is on one […]

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03 Feb

Pulling together pictures that tell you about a place before you get there

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Photo sharing sites have become a place for people to post photos showing what they had for lunch, the people they are hanging out with, a funny situation and a place they are visiting. While browsing around places like Instagram or Twitter, it is possible to see photos from places I have never been to. […]

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27 Jan

Changing a photo’s impact using gradient fills

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I was recently looking to see if there was anything new with Squaready, an app that fills around ‘not square’ photos so they can be posted to sites that require square. Looking over the developers work, I saw they did an app for applying different gradient effects to iPhone photos. Normally, I think of gradients […]

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24 Jan

I’m Here – location text over iPhone photos for fun sharing

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Pictures posted to Instagram, Streamzoo, EyeEm… Facebook, Twittter… well, you know, social sites. Can at times have text on the photo saying things like a cute message, the location or the weather at where the photo was snapped. Looking around, I did find a fun little app that automatically adds location, city or county info […]

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09 Jan

1 Second video per day stitched into your life movie

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For years now, people have snapped a self photo per day and stitched together into a movie. It is interesting to see how a person’s face changes over time. Some of the photos reflecting the person in casual, some dressed up, some after work and others after working out. Recently, there has been a lot […]

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24 Dec

Mini Mobile Websites – Create, edit, collaborate and share all with the iPhone

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There was one, now there are many, options to create mini Web sites all on the iPhone. Initially, these were sites that a person could use to easily add images and text via their iPhones. Now, sites can be text, links, and images – shared or private, and others can be invited to add content […]

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07 Oct

Advanced Monochrome Photo Editing on the iPhone

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I have covered my fondness of the challenges of black and white photography before. There is some fun in taking color photographs and converting to black and white since not all images work in both worlds. Generally though, like using non-color film, I prefer using an app that ‘shoots’ without colors from the start. When […]

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11 Sep

Snap the shot, create the product and sell… all through your iPhone

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I have mentioned a few services that I use with the photos I have taken to share as well to create products for selling. One service that offers a lot of products that you can have your photos applied to is Zazzle. To help end-to-end, they offer a store you can set up where Zazzle […]

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16 May

iPhone photo editor, Photo Power, updated to 3.0

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Some iPhone photo editors start out looking the same, then you dive in deeper and find your first impression was right, it’s the same ol bunch of filters wrapped in a different name. A free (doesn’t say how long it will be free) solution I was playing with this week is Photo Power. It is […]

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