25 Mar

Sochi Games Are Over, Do We Still Need The iPhone HipstaPak? Sure!

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During the last Winter Olympic Games, the group behind Hipstamatic released a film/lens pak named after the Sochi city. It was interesting but would it live up to staying on the iPhone after the end of the games. As I looked over a few recents shots I took, it would appear it is standing up […]

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16 Dec

In other news, Hipstamatic Releases Hongdae HipstaPak

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Hipstamatic, the retro film/lens/flash app for the iPhone, released a new HipstaPak. It actually showed up some time ago. I upgraded, played with it, and forgot to tell you. The new HipstaPak is called Hongdae. As you may guess from the name, there is a line “Made in Korea” everywhere the pack is mentioned. Included […]

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22 Jul

ProCam iPhone Camera app with the Unique User Interface

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When I say ‘unique’, I’m talking about unique on the iPhone. The ProCam interface may actually look familiar to many digital camera users as the camera app mimics real world buttons. But, with settings and adjustments that I wish my digital camera had. The feature list is pretty familiar for most iPhone Camera apps: – […]

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24 May

Take a picture with your iPhone, add a filter, share on Facebook…. Facebook gets their own camera app

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Everyone is talking today about how Facebook bought Instagram and now has a light version of the Instagram app with some filters connected to Facebook. The Facebook folks mentioned back when they were first making the purchase that they were about to release a Free Facebook camera app that had nothing to do with Instagram. […]

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