30 May

Your iPhone photography stats automatically created into an Infographic for you

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If you get info on your photos you have taken with your iPhone, you can find out where you took the image, the time, if you used a flash, what app you used and much more. All you have to do is go through each photo to see that information. Or, you can use a […]

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24 May

Take a picture with your iPhone, add a filter, share on Facebook…. Facebook gets their own camera app

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Everyone is talking today about how Facebook bought Instagram and now has a light version of the Instagram app with some filters connected to Facebook. The Facebook folks mentioned back when they were first making the purchase that they were about to release a Free Facebook camera app that had nothing to do with Instagram. […]

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12 May

View, comment and post pictures to 500px all on the iPhone

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Across my photography friends, there are many opinions on the best service to use to share their photos. Everyone has their own sites, but there are services to show photos and even selling all handled. 500px is a provider I use, it just works better for how I want to use the service over the […]

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17 Nov

Viewing your multiple social photo albums in one iPhone app

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If your like me, I have my photos shared all over the place. I have several groups on Facebook for that group of friends, my constant posting to Instagram, Twitpic for my Twitter shares and the list goes on. This of course means there are times I have shared a photo, removed it from my […]

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