11 Apr

Creating fun moving GIFs on the iPhone is back with the free Jittergram

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“Oh, that is so fun, how did you do that?” Years ago, everyone knew about moving GIFs. At the time, they either had to be tiny because of sending them to people or they were annoying because people used them all over Web sites. Then came photo sharing and high resolution video via our iPhones. […]

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05 Apr

Create and Share moving GIFS on the iPhone – easy as 1, 2, 3, now with 2.5 option!

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There has been a few moving GIF apps for the iPhone. I have played with them but pushed them aside as they required the result be shared via their site or they put their logo on the end product. This morning I found Gifmator which is proving to be a bit of fun! The app […]

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