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iPhone Photography Apps Trending Towards Huge Lists Of Up Charges

Interesting that I originally started taking notice of so many in-app purchase options with the app KitCam, which has now been discontinued.

App creators are looking for ‘better’ ways of making a profit. Initially, everyone was making their millions from charging 99 cents and selling many many copies. Then there was the twist towards iAds everywhere in the app which has had mixed results for app sellers. Most recently is the push to start charging more for apps to move them into the world of ‘real software’. Pricing for iOS apps closer to their desktop counterparts.

Hosted solutions and apps that require online support are limited to apps that can use that feature. They carry a monthly/yearly charge for the developer to maintain access to your data across multiple devices. With many services going under and the app becoming useless without, these may be feeling a crunch of concerned buyers. Currently though, more apps are going the direction of free or minimal charge for the app, then anything but the very basic features will cost more. ‘Enhanced’ filters for photo editors or ‘brushes’ for drawing apps, all just a dollar more and then another dollar more.

I have no doubt that this pricing scheme of encouraging people to buy another add on works, a long time success story is Hipstamatic where new new Packs are introduced throughout the year. Most just show a group of lenses and film packs, with a descriptive name that an individual can buy to get that extra special effect for their photos. The drawing app Paper has additional brush tips and color mixing for those more creative drawing folks, and those that wish more options might make them a better at drawing.

The up charging does work for apps for bridging between basic users and the more advanced. There are those that seem to hook a person in with a low up front charge then charge for what a person would think are ‘basic’ supported features.

A few examples of both:

01 in app feature upcharing

02 in app feature upcharing

03 in app feature upcharing

04 in app feature upcharing

05 in app feature upcharing

Fotor CameraBag brings many iPhone Photo Apps into one

I have covered a couple apps written by the developers EverImaging LTD. One in particular was their HDR app. Now, get the power of their many apps into on with Fotor CameraBag. Launching Fotor CameraBag gives you many options to highly customize your iPhone images.

One of the key apps brought into the Fotor CameraBag is the HDR features that is one of the developer’s most popular stand alone apps. There is many adjustments to the way the multi images are taken that make up the HDR, including a step to check the dark/bright images prior to merging the two. Anti-Shake, timer, zoom and on-screen grid are a few of the options through the gear icon next to the shutter button.

After taking your photo, HDR or other, Fotor CameraBag takes you to many fine tuning options. Rotate, Crop, Brightness, Saturation and Contrast are a few. There is not need to save the photo off to another app, adjust the image then move onto other enhancements all within the same app.

After you have completed all of the fine tuning of the HDR photo, save to go out to the list of image tuning like ColorSplash, FX, Frames and Collages.

Each of those ‘included’ photo enhancements can be found in individual apps, rather Fotor CameraBag bundles all into one iPhone app. Like below, ‘Big Aperture’.

Similar to Tilt Shift effect, the depth adding by using a set lens aperture will change the way a person focuses on the image. We used to buzz around town with a set lens to challenge the world around us to have a single item distance set to be in focus. Rather than offering the adjust the percent of blur found in other apps, Fotor CameraBag has you choose the lens opening similar to a physical lens, then adjust the location and transition circle outside of the main focus object.