iPhone effects and the manual photo creations of Ben Heine

A few months ago, I mentioned a iPhone specialized effects app called PowerCam ( Those fun iPhone Photo Effects using PowerCam ). Real time view finder application of the filters means you get what you see when you hit the shutter button. While the app offers many effects and photo enhancements, the one I always go back to PowerCam for is the Pencil over Photo images.

Yesterday, I came across the work of Ben Heine via his Web site. He does similar work with pencil drawings held up over an area to photograph. Not automated like PowerCam, you will notice the similarities though.

As you look around Ben’s site, you will see how he draws the paper art bits to hold up. Then, what you may have missed in the photo above, it becomes obvious that Ben is adding things to the area that isn’t there. Like below, in the actual background area of the dog, there was no cat. He has done some very creative Paper Sketch over Photo images like standing on top of a building when actually on the street and seeing through someone down to their skeleton.

The Ben Heine site is much more than these effects. If you need to look through an increadible portfolio for ideas or looking to add to you collection, spend some time here.