Before and after photography with the iPhone and Photo Time Machine

Not long ago, I covered some uses for PhotoRemake Pro (Interesting app for photographing historical landmarks using the iPhone), an app that let you superimpose a image over the iPhone camera viewfinder when taking a photo. Today, I found an app that takes that idea a step further. Photo Time Machine on the iPhone acts as a specialty Before-and-After photography tool. Using an image you take or import, bring it up on your iPhone screen and looking through it, resize to match the current area. When they match, snap your photo. This will be great for some old pics we have of the house back when it was first built to compare to how it is now.

The Photo Time Machine will be great for recording an area through season changes. Or, a real estate agent can show the same room with/without furniture. Oh… how about a building at different times of the day? OK, the ideas are starting to sound fun… how about before / after a haircut?