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Getting photos off film into the iPhone for sharing using the Smartphone Film Scanner

You have not heard of the SmartPhone Film Scanner? Well, that would be because it’s new item from the folks at Lomography and isn’t shipping till March. The idea is simple: make a mount for the iPhone that is pointed down a dark tunnel and allow film to be placed at the far end to take pictures of. There are some fun parts in making such a simple looking device of course. Alignment, backlighting, distance between the iPhone and film is just a few. In this case, the Lomography team had a head start since they offer a similar device for an earlier project (transferred ‘movies’ from film to the iPhone where people had recorded short movies using 35 mm film, called LomoKino).

If this looks interesting, and a bit of fun. You can jump in now and get your name on the list to receive one through their Kickstarter Project. The projects is already fully funded with two weeks to go till it wraps up. The solution might not be the best answer to that big box of 500 rolls of developed film in the corner, but for grabbing a few photos off of a roll now and then, it could be very handy. A quick method to get a film image into the iPhone that can then be edited and shared. The project is also outlined over on the Lomography site too.

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