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Worn photos effect with ScratchCam FX on the iPhone – 50% off this weekend only

I mentioned in an earlier post how I will age iPhone photos using PictureShow (The fun of film toy cameras on the iPhone). The effect is actually a grouping of many effects to get the final result. If you want to jump straight to a variety of worn film/paper effects, this weekend’s special for ScratchCam FX is good timing.

ScratchCam FX does more than age your iPhone photos. There is more to a old picture in a drawer than roughing up the image so the app offers several worn effects, each adjustable to get the aged effect your looking for.

✔ Scratched & damaged film
✔ Vintage black & whites
✔ Down and dirty grunge effects
✔ Poster & folded paper effects
✔ Awesome colour shifts and combos
✔ Full range of subtle to extreme textures