The fun of film toy cameras on the iPhone

When I first started playing with the iPhone camera app PictureShow, I mostly used it for breaking single photographs up into multiple parts. It was a lot of fun for a couple concept photo shoots I was on then and got people thinking outside of the box.

Now I find myself using less of the fun splitting feature and more of the tools to produce the plastic camera effect. Both work very nicely in PictureShow, it all depends on the final desired image impact.

Using the pull down, you can choose to apply a long list of filters. PictureShow was one of the first apps that I really started deep diving into the effects of filters and photo tones without using a desktop photo editor.

More often now though, it’s the effects in the area of ‘style’ and ‘color’ that I tap PictureShow to help me with. As the popularity of Lomo cameras and iPhone photo sharing services increase, more people ask for photos in their designs to have a older, less tuned look.

Touch up the area around the focal point with a vignet and add a bit of noise since this picture has been sitting in the drawer for a while.

PictureShow even handles TiltShift and software HDR effects.

When the image is as you hoped, getting the image out of PictureShow has a lot of options. Share out to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr, post on a Tumblr or Blogger site, send as an attachment to an email or save to your iPhone’s photo library. The photo I edited in this post was exported at: 3265 × 2449 although you can export in: 450 x 600 px, 600 x 800 px, 900 x 1200px, 1200 x 1600 px if there is a need for smaller.