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Creating Typographic Word Art on the iPhone

Will I be using this app everyday, no. Will I be saving my action shoots with this effect, not likely. What is very likely though is that the effect availability has opened up a whole new line of thinking around some photos.

The WordFoto app takes an image on your iPhone and overlays words that you have chosen. It appears the size of the text varies a bit depending on the detail of a point in the image. There are 8 preset effects to start with; Romance, Color Classic, Gray Classic, Comic, Howling, Black Label, Blocky and Howling. Then, using the WordFoto adjusters, you can tune the highlights and shadows, saturation, contrast, brightness and even the edging. Cropping is also supported.

Sharing is done via email, saving to your iPhone or sharing on Facebook. Hmmm… Facebook… it might be fun to use the effect on my Timeline header. Meanwhile, I’ll try it on some photos I took of the building in San Francisco. I wonder what a Christmas Card might look like with the WordFoto effect…