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Share weather information on photos for where they were taken

Last week I found an app that provided a easy method of inserting location text onto photos. It was a feature I saw a few folks using on Instagram and thought it must be an app rather than everyone getting creative adding text. This week, there seems to be a lot of folks posting pictures showing weather information. The weather numbers don’t always match what I may have assumed looking at the photo. A nice sunny photo showing below freezing numbers reminds me of a few days in Colorado.

An app, Instaweather Pro offers similar features to the location app I previously covered. You can take a photo with the app and add the weather information for where the photo was taken. There are a variety of templates to choose from, just swipe across the screen to choose the layout and quantity of information. The period of time can be today, the next few days or the whole week. While temperature is the info I have seen used most often, Instaweather Pro can also overlay text for air pressure, rain, wind strength and direction.

01 Instaweather pro

02 Instaweather Pro