Instagram Pics Become Contact Cards And Party Invites

When photos on Instagram escape, they become fridge magnets, wall size frame pictures, photo books, stickers and even calendars. Printstagram is adding Business Cards to that list.

Using the free PrintStudio app, choose one or several photos from your Instagram, add text to the back side and they will print the batch for you. While many folks say “gone are the days of Business cards”, having ones that are square and present a message through a photograph might bring the paper social sharing back. At least, for the circles Instagram posting folks run in. This could be handy for photographers, but thinking beyond that, imagine a tour guide, sporting person, maker, etc… photos on contact cards don’t have to be just marketing photography skills.

01 Printstagram

Since these are square pieces of paper with a photo on one side and text on the other, why not use for party invites or company announcements. Basically, anything that would normally go out on a small flyer could get added depth by printing a photo on the other side. Of course I have a set on order and will report back here about quality and speed of service.

02 Printstagram