27 Nov

New Fuzel for iOS7 – Collages, Stamps, Text and More

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Fuzel has always been a go-to-app for me when I need to get a collage of my iPhone photos put together quickly. Today there was an update to Fuzel, making both Fuzel and Fuzel Pro a ‘legacy’ app. All of the new features and UX has been put into a iOS7 specific Free app.

01 iOS7 Fuzel

What makes Fuzel so quick to get going is the feature of choosing the images, then the app creates a template to use all of the photos. Rather than finding a template, then finding and inserting one picture at a time.

02 iOS7 Fuzel

The collage can then be tuned using the options across the bottom of the screen, each opening to offer more options and fine tuning.

03 iOS7 Fuzel

Each area has a simple pack of options to use without any extra charges. Frames, backgrounds, stamps and even text. Fuzel is almost more of a iPhone scrapbook app than just a collage creation tool.

04 iOS7 Fuzel

When the image is as you like, share or save to a full featured list of options.

05 iOS7 Fuzel

Fuzel does offer a wide variety of optional upgrades to all of the feature add-ons. I was a bit surprised by the below text box when I went to the ‘Store’ area. It would appear that purchasing more stamps, backgrounds and other enhancements require I give Fuzel access to my Facebook friends. The app mentions that this is required to recover my purchases later. Others just use my iTunes login, I wonder if there is anything more than Fuzel collecting data on me. Watch out, if you choose ‘Yes, I do”, then refuse when you get to Facebook, you will get locked into a loop of Facebook/Fuzel screens bouncing back and forth. To get out, removing Fuzel and Facebook from the multitask area of iOS7.

06 iOS7 Fuzel

The Fuzel options list of add-ons are very nice for anyone wanting to do more enhancements than just adding filters to photos. Like I mentioned, these options can be applied for more of a Scrapbooking creation. Below is a very small example of the long list of purchasable bits to use.

07 iOS7 Fuzel

08 iOS7 Fuzel

09 iOS7 Fuzel

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