Photojournalists Turn To Instagram To Get Their Photos To The World

My parents grew up with photographers taking pictures at a ‘news worthy’ event, turning the photos into newspapers and then leaving it up to the decision makers what made it to the public to see. Twitter changed that a bit, allowing anyone to post a bit of text explaining what they are seeing. Either people saw the tweets and went there to take photos to submit to the regular news channels or attach the photos to more tweets. The limitation for the Twitter path is the service is about text, photos are an extra click, so text must be enticing enough to encourage a click. Adding Vine to Twitter, in the area of distributing News, will give more context than photos but still require a ‘click to view’.

Instagram is a stream of photos that people sweep through, seldom looking at words unless they stop on a photo. Perfect for getting a visual to the public about an event, no matter where it is happening in the world. People can comment and share with others. Thus, getting information out to the masses through images, with no one person making a decision what is news worthy.

Instagram has recently run two blog posts outlining a few Photojournalists that post to Instagram. Of course, everyone can be a photojournalist via a system that allows anyone to take a photo with their smartphone and post for all to see.

A list of the few mentioned in the two Instagram posts:

  • Michael Christopher Brown, documents life in Congolese refugee camps — @michaelchristopherbrown
  • Ben Lowy, a conflict and feature photographer based in New York City — @benlowy
  • Phil Moore, a British photojournalist based in East Africa — @philmoorephoto
  • Kevin Frayer, the chief photographer for the Associated Press in South Asia — @kevinfrayer
  • Ivan Kashinsky, a freelance photographer based in Quito, Ecuador — @ivankphoto
  • Michael Yamashita, a documentary photographer for National Geographic specializing in Asia — @yamashitaphoto
  • Tim Fitzsimons, Beirut-based journalist — @tfitzsimons
  • Ed Ou, journalist based in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia — @edouphoto
  • Teru Kuwayama, Afghanistan and Pakistan-based journalist — @terukuwayama
  • Wissam Nassar, a photographer based in the Middle East — @wissamgaza
  • Damir Sagolj, Reuters photojournalist based in Bangkok — @damirsagolj
  • Daniel Berehulak, Australian photojournalist based in New Delhi — @danielberehulak

The blog posts:
Photojournalists Sharing the World through Instagram
Photojournalists Sharing the World through Instagram, Part 2

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