26 May

Walgreens printing of your iPhone Photos

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Remember Everpix? A service that pulls photos from your iPhone photography social share accounts so you can view and sort in unique ways. The service supports recognizing what is in the pictures to better group automatically. I jump to the site from time to time to see how my photos are coming together, but have not had much luck with the grouping Everpix offers. The image looks a lot like flowers, yet it doesn’t show in ‘Nature’. So, not everything is perfect yet.

00 everpix update

01 everpix update

A new feature of both the Everpix Web site and iPhone app is to send your images to Walgreens to have printed. Found from the paper plane icon in the upper right corner has the addition. If you choose the option when looking at an overview of many photos, you can choose which to print. Or, when viewing a single shot, the Walgreen option jumps right to ordering.

14 everpix update

A pop up appears to choose the size and quantity. Next choose the closest Walgreen to the photos printed for your pickup. Three print sizes are available, taking a bit of the pain in sharing pictures with those relatives not on the social services you are.

15 everpix update

16 everpix update

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