29 Feb

Turbocharging your iPhone multi image collages

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TurboCollage is an app I’m still finding ways to best use. The app is getting the creative ideas going with a whole new look on multi photo images. And, Turbo Collage is heavily discounted right now for a limited time, so I thought I should let you know about it right away!

You can add images through your iPhone camera or through the Photo Library. It’s nice they let you choose all the picture you want to rather than having to add one at a time. Upon accepting the images I selected, the below was produced within a few seconds… no touch up done yet, but the options are there to do so.

The folder in the upper left corner lets you get to previously created collages… great when you want to have a default group of pictures and add for a particular event. Continuing across the top of TurboCollage is how you bring the images in, what type of collage you wish to create, exporting your creation and lastly the option to view the collage full screen without the feature buttons showing. The ‘ABC’ along the bottom allows the addition of text to your collage.

The layout of the images can be changed at anytime during your editing. Pile is free standing framed images, Grid shows all the images the same size, etc… the above screenshot is the Zig Mosaic.

The output image you create with TurboCollage is also adjustable. The smaller 6×4 produces a image 1024 x 1536 and the Square is 1600 x 1600. Exporting of your creations has multiple options: save to photo library, print, attach to an email or post to either Facebook or Twitter.

Below is the view of a regular Mosaic, with the buttons hidden. The cross hair button appearing on the screen is for resizing, turning and moving images. TurboCollage lets you play a lot just by moving your finger around the screen… no sliders or numbers to adjust!

The frame around the pictures in the below ‘Pile’ arrangement have a few options. Simply drag the individual pictures to where you want, then use the cross floating button to twist and resize each image. Sliding the floating button across the screen resizes the image. If you get to the edge of the TurboCollage app’s screen, just lift your finger and the floating button will move back to near the image with the size held where you lifted your finger. Then slide across again to make bigger if needed.

Like I said, TurboCollage has created a whole new view of what is possible on the iPhone when it comes to putting multi photos into a single image. Breaking out of the set frames and set number of images forced by many other ‘framing’ apps.


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