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Wide Angle and FishEye lenses for the iPhone 5

I tend to lean towards physical enhancements rather than software when possible. While there are many nice fisheye lens enhancement apps for the iPhone, I prefer using the Olloclip lens on my 4s to get the look I’m going for. The clip on lens is actually three lenses in one little package, that fit snuggly over the corner of the iPhone’s corner and camera. I actually stopped using the set up for a while as it’s tight tolerances didn’t allow it to fit over my iPhone that had a thin vinyl protective back on it. So, when I heard that the iPhone 5 was thinner, I set out to find a way to pick up the looseness as the Olloclip was now going to be too big.

What I hadn’t planned on was that the iPhone 5 camera isn’t placed symmetrically in the corner of the iPhone’s corner. This means that the lens doesn’t line up, and flipping it over to use the lens on the other side is just as bad. Just a millimeter off, but that is enough to effect a photo.

Luckily, someone jumped onto the 3D printing service, Shapeways, and created a lens holding clip to fit the iPhone 5 body and camera alignment. ┬áThis does mean someone else could come up with similar on their own and print the clip with their personal home 3D printer, but the price is so low it might not be worth a person’s time. I wonder if they might someday do a threaded insert so my Olloclip lenses will work with this holder… hmmm… doesn’t hurt to ask…

You may have noticed the different colors in the image above. There is the option to choose between a few colors 3D printed pieces. Which makes it fun to match your personality.

The clips (only one needed, holds two lenses for quick changing) hold the high quality iPro lenses (not included). iPro offers several lens options that will snap right into the ring; Wide Angle, Fisheye and 2X Telephoto. I have had mixed luck with telephoto add on iPhone lenses, but the wide Angle and Fisheye lenses are very nice. I own the set from a previous purchase so as soon as the clip from Shapeways shows up I’m set to start shooting. On a personal note, before you go looking at the iPro lens – if you already own a Olloclip, the price might surprise you. iPro gets about double what you paid for your Olloclip. I have never had a complaint about the quality of the iPro lenses though, they are a very nice quality product. I hope they come out with a close up lens soon.