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Bump photo transfer for iPhone to iPhone now works for iPhone to Mac… like magic!

Bump started off as a fun contacts exchange app in the very early days of the iPhone. It expanded to do photos too. Then it expanded to apps and app lists and… well, it all got a bit crowded in the features area. Recently, the free Bump app went back to doing what they do best, Contacts and Photos. When you want to send someone with an iPhone a photo or your contact info, launch Bump, have them launch Bump and tap your hands with the iPhone in them together.

Now that you have that down, how about bumping your Mac desktop or notebook with your iPhone to transfer photos. Yup, you can now do that. The feature is in beta, but is working fine for me and my coworkers.

The iPhone and computer do not need to be on the same wireless network, the feature works off of your location in the world not networks. On your Mac, go to the special Bump Web site (https://photos.bu.mp/). The page will ask you to allow the Bump system to know where your computer is. Now, launch Bump on your iPhone, choose a picture, then tap your iPhone to the computer’s keyboard space bar.

If Bump can do this with pictures… what’s next?