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Your iPhone Camera Loves When The USA Is Winning At Soccer

To help celebrate the USA still being in the World Cup, Hipstamatic has their Sao Paulo HipstaPak discounted to FREE. Yes, as long as the USA stays in the World Cup, you can open your iPhone Hipstamatic app and download the film and lens pack at no charge.

If your new to the vintage camera packs of Hipstamatic, this is a nice one for the full retro photography effect. Indoor photography will appear as expired film, outdoor photography with the pack has a box camera appearance.  I have high hopes for the U.S., but to be safe you may want to grab this pack now while it’s free.

02 Sao Paulo 03 Sao Paulo 04 Sao Paulo

The example photo provided by Hipstamatic:

05 Sao Paulo

And, as usual, a photo I took with my iPhone 5s using the Sao Paulo HipstaPak:

06 Sao Paulo

Brighton Hipstapak introduced with Sussex Film and Doris Lens

The Hipstamatic vintage iPhone camera app has undergone several updates recently. I’ll cover lens/film sharing and working with Oggl in another post. For this Hipstapak mention, I thought I would go in a slightly different direction. Normally, I will let you know that I found a new pak available of interest for folks that like to play with lens and film combos. Then, what the folks at Hipstamatic has to say about the pak’s shooting results.

Going forward, I’ll let you know when a camera app has introduced new add-ins, as well a few shots I have done using the update in real life. I hope this helps you make a decision if the feature will enhance your photography outside of the parameters that the app provider shows.

So, like the title says, Hipstamatic now has a Brighton Pak available through the app on the iPhone. Included in this Brighton Pak is the Sussex Film and Doris Lens.

01 Brighton Hipstapak

02 Brighton Hipstapak

Below are a few shots using the Brighton combination. Since taking these photos, I’m finding the Doris lens getting used a lot with other films on the iPhone Hipstamatic app. Your preference and milage may vary.

03 Brighton Hipstapak

04 Brighton Hipstapak

05 Brighton Hipstapak

06 Brighton Hipstapak