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Fun 2×2 Print Pics created on the iPhone

There is a variety of apps I use for printing my iPhone photos onto products and merchandise. Always a hit for holidays. One free solution on my iPhone, PostalPix, first became popular with their print-to-metal service they offered. Along with paper prints, there is the option to have my iPhone photos printed onto metal, which offers a whole different impact of photos. Very nice sitting in the Business Card holder on my desk.

An update to PostalPix today now offers the ability to assemble a 3 x 3 grid of 2″ square photos.

Choosing 2×2 Grid Print results in the grid view. Tap each square to insert a image from your iPhone’s photo library. There is an option to resize/crop prior to inserting. Other than that, PostalPix doesn’t offer any editing or enhancements. Once the 9 photos (they can be all the same if you place them, no limitations there) are as you like, tap ‘Save’ to go to the pay screen. Ship them to yourself or to someone as a nice gift. Better than a postcard if you place 9 photos of a vacation trip.