01 Dec

For the love of EyeEm iPhone photo share, updates and Ambassadors

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Many times, services and apps are reviewed by how they do against another solution. Feature lists, support, accessibility and user interfaces of a new app have get compared to another that people think set the standard. In the world of iPhone photo sharing, many compare others against Instagram. While I agree, the solution is very […]

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31 Mar

Another Free iPhone photo filter app – Lens+ kicks it up a notch with Real Time Enhancements

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Photo filters for your iPhone photography is a regular feature for every iPhone camera app in the store. A few offer the ability to see enhancement filters applied through the iPhone camera viewer prior to taking your photos. Today’s free app, Lens+ offers that real time filter application, and the app adds the ability to […]

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12 Mar

Random iPhone Photo Filters… just swiping through to find what you like

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I’m a precision kind of iPhone photo editor. I know when I take a picture that I’m going to leave as it or which app and which enhancement I will be using on it to get what I’m going after. A few times, I will use an app that provides the image I’m working on […]

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