21 Feb

In Memory Of Arjan van der Horst – Free Film For Your iPhone

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To be honest, Arjan is new to me. I saw the announcement of his passing and the mentions of his impacts on street photography grabbed my attention. His art was very hipster, so it is no surprise to me to see the folks that create the Hipstamatic iPhone camera app came out with a special […]

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14 Nov

Composing the perfect photograph on the iPhone

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Most smartphone photography these days are the result of Spray and Pray shooting. Folks are taking a ton of photos and either hope or are just plain lucky to get a ‘perfect’ shot. Few mobile photographers take the time to work through their photos to find the one with an eye pleasing composition, rather they […]

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19 Apr

Controlling the light source in iPhone photography – LensLight 3.0 is now available

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There are two different lines of thinking when it comes to changing light sources in photos. There is those cute little dots of light to be added to photos for the Bokeh effect and there there is bright area highlights like a heavy light source. While I may play with both capabilities in this one […]

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18 Apr

iPhone photo social sharing on StreamZoo… a different experience with gamefication

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Unrelated to the Instagram and Facebook deal, I do actually play with a lot of other iPhone photo sharing services. Most don’t have huge quantities of people sharing, many have very few features, and everyone has something that makes them unique. For StreamZoo, it is about a lot of features but no requirement to use […]

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08 Apr

Lanyard and Latch iPhone Case for those quick shots and less worry about shirt pocket drops

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I keep an eye out on Kickstarter for interesting ideas. This one, a month ago, didn’t strike me as anything I ‘needed’. Then today, as we walked about town doing street photography, I discovered the need for the special lanyard. The Kickstarter project is for a lanyard and iPhone case with a special release between […]

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24 Feb

City Walk Photography with a iPhone – Two Free Books to Help!

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Oops… started this post over the weekend and didn’t wrap it up… sorry for the delay! Guess you will have it ready for this weekend’s shooting fun. I have my iPhone in hand… ProCamera at the ready (sometimes jump to Top Camera too), and many city streets to walk. While I had hoped to get […]

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