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Fast Two Photo HDR iPhone app, HDR Fusion free today only!

Just about every iPhone photo filter and enhancement app offers a filter for creating a HDR effect to your photos. There are a few apps that I have covered that take true two image HDR photos. One was HDR Fusion, that I had mentioned worked very fast… well, faster than most of the options I have used.

HDR Fusion is currently shown in the iTunes store for Free, today only.

Launching the app provides the option to use either of the iPhone’s camera and a shutter button. The box button allows you to have HDR Fusion automatically or manual take the photos. Also, to use multiple images from the iPhone’s photo library for merge/HDR processing.

After the photos are taken, HDR Fusion presents the final photo with a button to save to the iPhone’s photo library.

Settings in HDR Fusion allows for adjusting how long till the photo is taken and if you wish to auto save original and final photos.

The finished photo out of HDR Fusion is a huge 3237 x 2436… most HDR apps produce a much smaller size.