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Using Binoculars As A Telephoto Lens For Your iPhone 5

Here is an interesting find I came across over on ThinkGeek’s Web site. No need to carry a special telephoto lens set up for your iPhone to get closer to those far away shots. A particularly handy option if you are vacationing and already carrying binoculars. The description says Included is an adapter for iPhone 4, 4S and 5… which I doubt. The thickness difference between the 4 and 5 bodies has meant that sleeves work on one of the other. Either they have gotten creative with their adapter, or the title is correct that this is for the iPhone 5, while the text was from an earlier product.

Either way, the idea is a great way to avoid having to haul a lot of extra equipment and still get photos in a wide variety of situations.

01 Binocular adapter iphone

02 Binocular adapter iphone