10 Sep

Rando is updated with ratings, app is back on the iPhone

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Remember Rando? It’s that free snapshot photography app that is about anonymous two way sharing. You snap a shot with the app and send it. The Rando app delivers the photo to someone without anything more about you than a location (city level map) and in return gives you back an anonymous photo someone else […]

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22 Jun

Extract a single image from a movie on the iPhone, Using the Free app Photo Extractor

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It’s a simple request, which I honestly thought was built into iOS5 on my iPhone. The ability to grab a single frame from a video I recorded with my iPhone and save it as a image. While I found the feature wasn’t built in as hoped, it can be done via the free app Photo […]

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03 May

PowerSketch for iPhone, the free lite sibling of PowerCamera

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Not long ago, I reviewed PowerCamera. An app that offers a variety of filters that can be viewed in real time when framing up the photo to take. After taking the picture, there is even more effects that can be added. Today, I found PowerSketch by the same developer. The app lets you take photos […]

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