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Even owning Instagram, Facebook continues to update photos on the iPhone app

There was a lot of excitement around Facebook purchasing Instagram. Initially, the curiosity of what will become of Instagram, another ‘buy and close’ or the evil merging of systems so a person’s Instagram data is now available for Facebook to market with. The extent of how Facebook is using the Instagram user list is still being watched, but the two services do continue to operate separately in the eyes of the casual users so both get updates to expand their particular path forward.

In yesterday’s iPhone Facebook app update, the photos area was enhanced with more ways to use and share photos posted onto the service.

Previously, a posted photos could be liked, tagged with a person’s ID and commented on, all with icons on the edge of the photo.

01 Facebook photos

The addition of a ‘…’ next to the tag icon and new ‘See More’ text next to the photos description text seems like a simple update to the Facebook app. These both greatly enhance the user experience of viewing and sharing photos through the iPhone though.

02 Facebook photos

Selecting the ‘See More’ opens up the photos’ description text to show the name of the photographer and timestamp.

03 Facebook photos

Selecting the ‘…’ provides access to additional things you can do with the photo. Directly from a photos, you can make it your Facebook Profile picture. Also Saving the image to your iPhone’s photo area and Sharing. With Sharing, you are presented with a text box and the options to share: on your own timeline, on a friend’s timeline, in a group and on your page. Everything to make showing your pictures to other easier.

04 Facebook photos

Viewing your multiple social photo albums in one iPhone app

If your like me, I have my photos shared all over the place. I have several groups on Facebook for that group of friends, my constant posting to Instagram, Twitpic for my Twitter shares and the list goes on.

This of course means there are times I have shared a photo, removed it from my iPhone and forgot where it was that I posted it. Also, there are times I need to buzz to several albums when I’m mobile to find a couple pics to use in a post… loging in/out of multiple social services.

I found an app that seems to be from someone that has shared my pains, SuperAlbum. It’s a inexpensive app that lets me view across albums on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Mixi, Picasa, Tumblr, TwitPic, and 500ps – all at the same time. I can grab a photo off of any of the services and re-share or even print.