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iPhone social photo sharing app that wins on user experience design

Everyone should know by now that I post a lot to Instagram (look on the right column, at the bottom for last 20 posts), but there are many many more social photo sharing options than just the one. Sadly, most are just passing through and will be a lot of fun for a while then everyone will move on.

One that I found recently through a friend is Chumkee. While there is the usual finding of friends, post up pictures, comments and thumbs up for the photos you like. This option has a great interface for seeing what is new. The app starts up with a area of tossed together recent photos. You can tap on one to see more info or zoom in it, or flick is off the screen to be replaced with another.

One item of note, I’m finding more and more people are posting up little movies of themselves talking, singing or doing a stunt rather than just photos. It’s all for fun so take Chumkee as another option to share with friends no matter where they are around the world, through a much nicer interface. (update – just got a couple emails from readers… service doesn’t seem to be filtered so consider it ‘not safe for work’)