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Another Free iPhone photo filter app – Lens+ kicks it up a notch with Real Time Enhancements

Photo filters for your iPhone photography is a regular feature for every iPhone camera app in the store. A few offer the ability to see enhancement filters applied through the iPhone camera viewer prior to taking your photos. Today’s free app, Lens+ offers that real time filter application, and the app adds the ability to move through the filters without having to spend a lot of time tapping around.

When in the Lens+ photo taking mode, all the usual camera tools that you would expect are showing on the screen. Zoom isn’t showing on the screen shot below, but is supported. As is video recording using the real time effect applied.

Choosing the ‘Multi’ button presents all of the filters effects supported in Lens+. Whatever the iPhone camera is pointed at will be showing on the screen with the enhancement applied.

The Lens+ enhancements are divided across categories: Scene, Color Analog, Fashion and Retro. All of the 6 effects in each group are included. Choose one to apply and return to the photo taking view.

The top bar of the Lens+ overview area is for choosing the frame and cropping area that the photo will be taken in.

Back on the Lens+ main screen to snap the next shot. The chosen effect is shown applied, if it isn’t exactly what your looking for, sweep across the screen to see the next/previous enhancement. The button top/center is for changing the outer borders. Notice below the border chosen is for a square image rather than just a frame type.

All photos save to the Lens+ photo album accessible through the lower left corner. Tap to view photos, save to the iPhone’s photo library, share via email or Facebook. Also, each photo carries full information to reference about size, location and effect used to take the picture.