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Taking photos faster with the iPhone and iPad2 – Fast Camera Free Today Only!

“Taking photos faster with the iPhone” isn’t a hot tip on how to focus faster or how to tap into a secret power of the iPhone camera. Instead, it’s a camera app for the iPhone that I see is free for the day.

How Fast Camera accomplishes quicker photo taking is by starting to take pictures as soon as the app launches. Tap the app’s icon in the launcher and it starts taking pictures. Tap the stop button when you want the camera stop… pretty simple.

After you have Fast Camera stopped, you can see the number of photos shot in the lower right corner. Tap the ‘Review’ button to see all the images. The bottom of the page offers your next actions. You go return to shooting images into the same set with the ‘Resume’ button… choosing the ‘Done’ button will give you the option to delete the current photos and return to the camera.

Fast Camera’s default camera setting is VGA, but if you have a iPhone4s, you can choose 8 megapixel. The ‘Delay Between Pics’ is adjustable from None, 1/10 second, 1/5 second, 1/4 second, 1/3 seconds, 1/2 seconds, 1 second, 2 seconds and 5 seconds. Set to ‘none’, Fast Camera will shoot 800 pictures in 1 minute!!