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Doing something with your iPhone Photographs beyond social sharing

If your like me, you take a lot of pictures with your iPhone’s camera. There are the snaps and there are those that you know are destine for more. While sharing photos with friends via social services get you pics out in front of others, there really is much more that can be done with them.

Getting your photos into galleries can be difficult, unless of course you want to pay. There are online ‘Gallery’ services that you can post you picture to. If you do nothing, your photos are in with everyone else’s. A bit of promoting and effort on your part to create your own area on those sites can be a nice showcase. The services, like 500px will allow you to license your images for people to privately use. Many even offer to handle selling licenses of your photos to larger companies that will use them for marketing and other professional services. Be aware, the license photos must be over 3000 pixels across so you will need to be uploading full resolution photos from your iPhone 4s. You can post any photos to show your abilities, the size is only a factor for licensing.

I came across an interesting opportunity Rebekah Jacob Gallery, on their site they are requesting submissions of iOS photographs to round out their exhibit.

Be a part of an exciting summer project!  July 2012, we will organize an exhibit entitled Ways of Seeing:  Phoneography.  The installation will include no more than 500 photographs.  At least 250 of the photographs selected will be by artists on our gallery roster or artists in our our broader network who we respect as professionals.  RJG is proud to open the selection process to a larger audience and launch an open submission. -Digital submission deadline, June 3, 2012 @ midnight EST -Selected submission announcement, June 11, 2012 via email – See their site for specifics.

I have covered a few apps that let you create cards and products that a company prints and sends to you. You can send for free or sell your creations. The only negative is you have to pay for inventory up front if your thinking about buying any quantity.

iPhone Photos printed on cards and mailed… for you!
Your iPhone pictures infused onto scratch resistant aluminum

A optional service you may want to look at is zazzle.com . They provide you with easy to use tool to create products with your iPhone photos. Different from the services I was talking about above is Zazzle also lets you set up a store in their system (no charge) which will sell products created just-in-time. This means you don’t have to buy any products to inventory, Zazzle just gives you a percent of all sales on items carrying your images.