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iPhone Photo Booth Prints Without The iPhone

I’ve talked about the many print services that work from apps on the iPhone. Today I received an email from one of those services, Printstagram. Instead of a slightly different size print or a print on a special material, they where introducing a Photo Booth looking prints service. Like their other offerings, prints are chosen via the Web site from my Instagram posts.

Printstagram has the offering available through the site’s Products drop down. But, reading about the service, it is mentioned that may or may not be a long term offering. All of the printing is being done out of the San Francisco office… I wonder if they mind I drop by to say ‘hi’.

The particulars:
– Each package contains a set of 9 strips, with 36 photos (like a roll of film!)
– The photostrip is 1.75″ x 7″
– Each photo is 1.5″ x 1.5″

Once I logged in and chose the service, Printstagram presented me with thumbnails for my Instagram photos, offering the opportunity to choose 36 to have printed. I quickly saw I need to upload a few photos that look more like people squeezed into a small booth in the bowling alley.

printstagram photobooth prints 1

printstagram photobooth prints 2

Postagram Update With More Text, More Photos and Free Postcards

What to do with all of your square format iPhone photos. Print and post mail to friends is one option, except post cards are generally not square. Postagram has been offering to print and mail iPhone photo postcards for some time now. Their way of handling the square photos is to print is on one half of the card, with cuts so the receiving party can pop the image out and use just it without the extra postcard size. I have used the solution a few times, generally more for Business Thank-You, but family members get a nice surprise from time-to-time too.

00 postagram update

The recent update to Postagram has feature enhancements throughout the app. If you tie the free iPhone app to your Facebook account, you can be reminded of birthdays in advance to get a card sent. Also, along with being able to use photos you have on your iPhone, from Instagram and Facebook, you can now also access photos stored on your Dropbox account.

01 postagram update

Normally, I pay 99 cents for the card to be printed and mailed to a US address (addresses outside of the USA are $1.99), but this summer Postagram is offering everyone 3 free postcards! As you can see, there is the addition of the large text Coppertone just above the area you enter your personalized text so it appears to be a sponsored ‘freebie’. The text area has increased in this update too, which is nice as the rest of the world keeps cutting us back to less text, shorter videos and smaller images. Thanks Postagram!

03 postagram update

Postagram is actually part of the Sincerely family of iPhone photo solution apps. On your order confirmation page, there are options to download their other apps to created gifts or greeting cards on your iPhone using your own photos. Card print/sending can be scheduled now too so you don’t have to wait to the last second to remember to send a card. Mom will thank you!

04 postagram update

Fun 2×2 Print Pics created on the iPhone

There is a variety of apps I use for printing my iPhone photos onto products and merchandise. Always a hit for holidays. One free solution on my iPhone, PostalPix, first became popular with their print-to-metal service they offered. Along with paper prints, there is the option to have my iPhone photos printed onto metal, which offers a whole different impact of photos. Very nice sitting in the Business Card holder on my desk.

An update to PostalPix today now offers the ability to assemble a 3 x 3 grid of 2″ square photos.

Choosing 2×2 Grid Print results in the grid view. Tap each square to insert a image from your iPhone’s photo library. There is an option to resize/crop prior to inserting. Other than that, PostalPix doesn’t offer any editing or enhancements. Once the 9 photos (they can be all the same if you place them, no limitations there) are as you like, tap ‘Save’ to go to the pay screen. Ship them to yourself or to someone as a nice gift. Better than a postcard if you place 9 photos of a vacation trip.