05 Oct

Vintage Polaroid Cameras And Film In The Days Of The iPhone

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I am a collector of vintage cameras. No particular year or style, the cameras in my collection are only limited by my interest in the particular tech. When it is possible to locate film that will work, I actually take some out of the collection to shoot with. The fun of film is the planning […]

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24 Jun

Your iPhone photos printed to Polaroid like paper frames

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As I mentioned at the beginning of the Stickygram article, there are a lot of printing service options for your Instagram photos. While this solution prints square photos, they aren’t limiting you to just those uploaded Instagram services images. The service, Printic, offers a free iPhone app to gather and adjust your photos. Then, for […]

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08 Apr

For iPhone users that are fans of Bokeh photography, Lumiè has you covered!

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The Bokeh effect is a blur… with a bit of classic flare. Not the blur I have been covering in the past where your attempting depth, rather the blur you get a lot with old Polaroid photographs. A flash of light from a source you didn’t expect that causes a artistic wash out. I use […]

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