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iPhone Photography For Art And Creative, Grab The Free Behance App For Inspiration

Looking through photography displays created by others can at times help open a person’s mind to new angles or views. Most often, I find people go right out and try to duplicate the photo with the equipment and location they have at hand. While this can be helpful to try new things, I find two extremes happen as a result. The photographer take a similar photo to one in an exhibit and feels it is ‘just as good’ because their brain already has the energy from the original. Or, they fail to match the mood exactly and they move on.

I tend to enjoy photography exhibits but gain creative energy from people’s creative design projects. Looking at what an individual managed to pull together with a few scraps of paper, a pen, glue and patience. Or, the photography of a creation either in the studio or out in the wild. Color combinations and contrasting elements either in a 3D creation or a drawing can expand a view that will help notice similar points to capture through my camera. There is no matching a packaging idea when out taking photos in the park, but the lines and colors of the package opens the mind to seeing trees and grass slightly differently.

One free online tool to see the creative work from people around the world is Behance. Anyone can create an account to show what they are working on or have finished. Allowing others to comment and possibly compliment. I’m sure there are many talented people that have been found and given work due to their posts.

Behance is a very large mix of creative work. There are photograph posts as well as logo designs, product packaging, hair styles and the list goes on, seemingly endlessly. And now, Behance offers a free app to remove the need to only view posts when sitting at the desktop. The app isn’t just for viewing, it also allows commenting and posting to your own account.

Projects, or people’s creative work, can be viewed by the state of the project.

01 types of projects
Viewing Projects, note the filter options along the top of the page to narrow the view of the group. Then, sweep top/bottom to see a thumbnail/name/creator for each project.
02 list of projects with filters
Search and viewing Projects by the Field of work is a surprising long list.
03 project categories
This is the view narrowed to Photography projects posted to Behance.
04 photography category
Select one to see the individual items within that particular project. There is more details on the person that created the post as well options to share your find out through social networks.
05 single photo project view
Behance allows the favoriting of projects and creators. Along with the creation of Curated lists of both so others can see your interesting finds.
06 curated groups

A solution for those times your looking for a photography idea

There is a variety of reasons to shoot photos. Something as simple as a social share or a snap at a family trip, all the way to large format art or marketing photography. To see what others are doing, for a few ideas, a person can simply wander around any of those social sites. To help pulling ideas together and offer daily challenges is an app, Photography Assignment Generator.

There are multiple versions of the app; an iPad version and iPhone version for photography ideas where your using a camera. There is also a version for iPhone photographers. Each app offers the option to choose an area on your own or have the app generate a daily challenge. I lean more towards finding shooting opportunities in the area I’m in rather than a general idea and then look for a area to match the need, so spent a couple days drilling down to particular areas.
01 photography assignment
Photography Assignment Generator will give you a daily challenge with reminders, the app will pick a challenge for the moment for you, or you can choose an area of challenges on your own. While the content is very nice, the user interface is very non-Apple. The buttons appear to be from an old Palm app and sliding the left back button results in the screen changing to the right. I do like that the whole database for the app is downloaded to the iPhone so I don’t have to worry about an Internet connection to view assignments.
02 photography assignment
Tap a category to view the challenge in that area. There are over 75 assignments which can be mixed and matched. On the iPhone version, iPhotography Assignment Generator, there is a Camera+ and Instagram Tutorial. Both are actually feature overviews of the apps, with the Instagram option having screen shots from an older version of Instagram.
03 photography assignment
Selecting one of the images takes you to a larger version of the photo and a tip for creating a similar photo. Options are available to move through the other examples in the area or close to return to the challenge. In the full version, there are hundreds of examples to gets the ideas going.
04 photography assignment