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Alien Sky app… for those times you really need a planet in your iPhone photographed sky

I mentioned earlier a couple apps that allowed you to add sun flares to your photos so you create iPhone photos with light washout (LensLight and LensFlare). The development team that delivered those enhancement apps have now increased their offerings with Alien Sky. Instead of bright light areas on your photograph, you can add:

Alien Sky Features:
– Space Objects such as Planets, Moons, and Galaxies
– Bright Suns and Distant Stars
– Futuristic Lens Flares
– Gradient Filters

The familiar object picker screen still has a few light bleeding effects. Now though, the selection of images to ghost into your iPhone photos has grown to cover about any ‘alien‘ impressions you need. Instead of the moon being a small round bright dot or saturn being a tiny spec, photos can have planets in the sky large enough for anyone looking at the photo will know exactly what they are looking at.